Yale partners with NBA to help determine accuracy of saliva COVID-19 test

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Monday, June 22, 2020
Action News coverage of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

We're learning about two new studies set to launch. One involves testing another form of the treatment Remdesivir, while the other asking professional basketball players to help determine the accuracy of a COVID-19 test.

Remdesivir is the treatment that, so far, has been shown to help speed-up recovery from COVID-19 from 14 days to 11 days.

The drug is typically given by IV infusion, however, the maker of the drug is starting a trial to test an inhaled version of the drug.

It would be given similar to the way a nebulizer is used for asthma.

If this method is safe and effective, it can be given to people earlier in the infection. And it can also be given at home.

As for the other study, it's testing another version of the saliva test which looks for active infection.

Researchers at Yale have partnered with the NBA, the National Basketball Association, to help them determine the accuracy of the test called Saliva Direct.

It was developed as an alternative to the nasal swab test.

The saliva test is less invasive, offers less exposure to healthcare workers, and results could be faster.

Yale is also testing it with a variety of lab chemical reagents, so it could be used in a wider number of labs, making it more accessible than current tests.