Police: 8 Neshaminy students shared explicit pics of teens

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Saturday, January 17, 2015
Neshaminy High School
Neshaminy High School

NESHAMINY, Pa. (WPVI) -- A group of students at Neshaminy High School are in trouble with the law after they were allegedly caught exchanging text messages containing sexually explicit photos of other teens.

Middletown Township police have issued citations to eight students for allegedly sharing those images on their cell phones.

"This is not something to fool around with," said Michelle Walsh of the Bucks County D.A.'s Juvenile Division.

Walsh couldn't comment specifically on the Neshaminy case, but said what happened there now applies to kids everywhere under state law.

Walsh says sexting is not kids play and there are now serious consequences.

"They could range from anything that you could get in juvenile court from probation to placement outside the home depending on the nature of the case itself," Walsh said.

The Neshaminy sexting came to light two and half months ago when some students saw the images on phones in the school and reported them.

The eight students now charged will enter a diversion program for non violent offenders. The D.A. is reminding others to be careful.

"If you take that, you share it, expect the world to see it and know that it could be in violation the law if you do," said Walsh.

The school district had no comment when asked how it handles situations like this and if policies are in place.

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