New film "Safety" based on a true story, debuts on Disney+

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- New to Disney+ Friday is a film based on a true story called "Safety."

It's the real story of a star Clemson University football safety who puts his scholarship on the line when he steps up to take custody of his younger brother.

Action News had the chance to chat with the cast, and Ray McElrathbey, the man who inspired the movie.

"I had never imagined that my life would be a movie," said McElrathbey. "It's an inspiring, truly feel-good tale that really explores family and the concept of 'safety.' It shows us how it truly takes a village, or in this case, a team, to raise a child."

It's a tale of triumph over repeated adversities, McElrathbey explains.

When their mother gets sent to rehab, Ray brings his 11-year-old brother Fahmarr to campus to live with him.

"He just bossed up," said actor Jay Reeves, who plays Ray. "I feel like Ray really leveled up. In that moment when he needed to."

When asked what is it like playing a real person and telling their real story? Reeves said, "Of course it is intimidating because usually when you're playing someone, they're not right next to you to tell you what you're doing wrong. Having Ray Ray next to me was a blessing, and it was also hard."

Thaddeus J. Mixson, in his first film role ever, plays Fahmarr.

"I got to really meet Fahmarr," Mixson said. "He was kind of quiet. He sent me a long text about how good I did. It really just made me feel so happy. I can't even express how it was the best feeling in the world."

Actor Hunter Sansome says it's a story about what family truly means.

"Family doesn't always have to be blood relation," said Sansone. "It's the people in your life that really care for you the most and do the most for you that makes a family."

The cast says it's the kind of film we truly need right now.

"This is heartwarming, this is funny, and I think we need a lot of that," said actress Corinne Foxx.
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