Health care workers receive several blessings from South Jersey church

VINELAND, New Jersey (WPVI) -- They call themselves prayers warriors from New Hope Fellowship Church in Pomona, New Jersey, but for these men and women on the frontline at Inspira Medical Center in Vineland, they call them angels.

"They've been here faithfully since the beginning of the pandemic, just showing up and asking nothing in return" said assistant nurse manager Karling LaFont.

"They also have prayer cards that they send to each nurse and prayed for them, and this goes back to the beginning when we were all scared," Carol Copsey said.

It's become a bi-weekly tradition. The church members fill up carts with homemade goodies, but the real gift they say are the prayers.

"We're more blessed than they are, being able to come up here, it's a calling, it's not a paycheck," church member Mary Adkinson said.

"Comfort these patients. They may not see any other loved ones so we believe they needed that extra measure of prayer to empower them," said fellow church member Cindy Smallwood.

"This has been very challenging for us especially in the beginning when we didn't know about the whole COVID situation," Lafont said.

The special bond between these prayer warriors and healthcare workers will continue. The church members will continue to bring goodies and every night keep them in prayer.

"With each and everyone praying it really meant a lot to the nurses. Again, people didn't see what we saw," Copsey said.
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