Amazon warehouse in N.J. buzzing on Cyber Monday

Monday, November 30, 2015
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It's Cyber Monday, which means some of the best deals on gifts for the holidays are online.

ROBBINSVILLE, N.J. (WPVI) -- With Black Friday behind us, shoppers are turning to their computers to bargain hunt. It's Cyber Monday, which means some of the best deals on gifts for the holidays are online.

"We are looking for another record day today," says Amazon's Dave Clark at the company's massive fulfillment center in Robbinsville, New Jersey.

The Mercer County facility is the size of 28 football fields and where 4,000 workers are picking, packing, and shipping the millions of items customers are ordering on Cyber Monday.

"It's the great work of thousands of people. It's a combination of great software technology, great mechanical engineering, and great human process development," Clark said.

Last year on Cyber Monday it was a record-breaking day for Amazon - 43 million items ordered. They expect to do even more business this year. There's been a surge in online sales everywhere as more and more people look to computers and cell phones to do their shopping.

John Peruggia of Hamilton Township says, "I bought some stuff last week. I'm sure as we get closer to Christmas I'll buy some more stuff, but today there's a couple really good deals out there so I'm gonna buy some stuff."

At a Starbucks in Hamilton Township, Jin Wu was shopping online on Target's website for a microwave oven.

Jin Wu tells us, "It took me a good ten minutes to get on here. Now that I'm on here I gotta buy up now, I waited this long."

Target's website crashed temporarily Monday morning from the volume of shoppers. But Wu thought 15 percent off everything was worth the wait.

Sylvia Mulraney was heading to a Kmart store when we caught up with her, but said she plans to shop online Monday night.

Mulraney says, "When I try to go on early in the day there's such an overload on the computers it's hard to get through. Wait a little while, let those early shoppers get on and then I'm going on."

But while the Internet explodes Monday with millions of shoppers seeking all kinds of deals, there are still those who want nothing to do with shopping via computer.

Mike Cronce of Lawrence Township says, "I wouldn't even know how to use it. Everybody knows... No shopping online, and they've got good deals in the store here."