Dog named 'Bear' fighting for his life after being thrown out of car

PATERSON, New Jersey -- A poodle named 'Bear' is fighting for his life after being thrown out of a car in New Jersey.

Around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, an eyewitness saw someone throw the dog out of a car near 927 Market Street in Paterson.

'Bear' was taken to Oradell Animal Hospital, where he is in grave condition and is suffering from a skull fracture, pelvis fractures, skin lesions, and a herniated diaphragm, according to Paterson Animal Control.

"I mean if you don't want your pet, contact animal control, contract somebody, but let me tell you one thing, like I said before, this is killing me, are you supposed to take your job home with you, no, but I take absolutely everything home with me and this bothers me like everything else bothers me after 48 years," said John Decando with Paterson Animal Control.

It is unclear how old the dog is, but officials say he appears middle-aged. They also say he is emaciated, and his fur is matted.

Anyone with information is asked to call 973-881-3640
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