New Jersey digs out after snowstorm; Some vaccine sites closed due to weather

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Parts of New Jersey were digging out Thursday after another winter storm.

In Hamilton Township, people were shoveling and snow blowing more than 6 inches of snow. Some did it with the help of neighbors.

"A neighbor who I don't know came through and snow blowed the whole block on both sides," said John Patterson.

Roads were slushy and snow-covered as plows tried to keep up.

While the precipitation tapered off Thursday afternoon, officials urged caution because of icy conditions.

"This storm is now mixing in with sleet and freezing rain," said Mercer County Deputy Administrator Aaron Watson. "I'm confident in my guys. We have over 100 guys on the road right now. We're going to be able to stay in front of it. What we can't control are the sleet and the temperature."

Some COVID-19 vaccination sites closed because of the weather, but Mercer County's site at CURE Arena in Trenton stayed open after some deliberation by officials.

"This is the first day that we have second dose people coming back. People that were coming back on the 21 of January were coming today. We kind of felt an obligation to get those people in today," said Mercer County Emergency Management Coordinator Bob Hartman.

While many did cancel, about 120 people kept their appointments. Some came from more than an hour away.

"Most of the way was good but there were about 15 miles on the turnpike that weren't cleared yet and they were kind of slow," said Yisrol Clark of Bergenfield, who received his second dose Thursday.

"I was a little hesitant at first but I mean, the second dose is the second dose. I want to get vaccinated and get it over with," said James Daniel, a firefighter from Mountain Lakes.

Gov. Phil Murphy encouraged people to reschedule their Thursday appointments because of the snow.

Mercer County officials say anyone with appointments at CURE Arena who didn't make it Thursday will be rescheduled for Saturday. The site will have extended hours this weekend to accommodate everyone.
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