From flying corks to fireworks, avoiding New Year's Eve injuries

Unfortunately, New Year's Eve celebrations land some people in the emergency department due to accidents.

One unexpected, but fairly common, mishap occurs when people are uncorking that bottle of champagne.

"Avoid jostling the bottle before opening it. Hold it at a 45-degree angle, away from your face, and make sure you don't point it at anyone else's face. Those corks can come out at pretty high speeds - fast enough to shatter glass - so it could obviously harm your eyes or anything else that it hits," says Dr. Tom Waters, an emergency medicine specialist at Cleveland Clinic.

Fireworks injuries are another New Year's Eve hazard.

The numbers of deaths and injuries are slowly rising as states ease fireworks laws.

Doctors say: leave them to the experts!

Don't use fireworks at home - and never use homemade explosives.

Just in 2019, at least 3 Philadelphia children lost fingers and got serious burns to homemade devices.
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