Philadelphia readies to bring in New Year

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Convention Center has been transformed for the Mummers Parade and show preparations.

It's really an impressive sight to see.

Ninety "fancies" all in unison, looking like a Broadway show.

They're the Bill McIntyre Shooting Stars Brigade and their show this year is "The Phantoms Masquerade."

With another New Year in just hours, father and son Fran and Scott McIntyre couldn't be more excited.

"The passion for this parade is unprecedented, I kid you not," said Fran McIntyre, Shooting Stars Brigade.

Scott says having his dad here watching him makes ringing in the New Year that much more special.

"Being with my dad, my two brothers, my nephews and my son, there's nothing like it in the world," said Scott McIntyre, Shooting Stars Brigade.

Action News also stopped by Valley Forge Casino Resort.

It doesn't get much busier than this.

"We have actually six private parties, two weddings, a huge concert with over 1,000 people, Sublime with Rome in the event center," said Jennifer Galle, Valley Forge Casino Resort.

The halls, the rooms, they're all decked out for the New Year.

The kitchen staff was all hands on deck.

"We're probably doing over 3,000 covers, we have 1,000 pounds of lobster tail, 1,000 pounds of the filet mignon. It's going to be a great event," said Executive Chef Les Bender.

If you want lobster tail and great food, it's definitely one of the places to be tonight.

The band Sublime with Rome is also playing.

Member Eric Wilson was an original member of Sublime and wants to see you there.

"This is a great place to do it, and there's tickets available still," said Wilson. "Not for long though."
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