Officials confirm tornado in Kent Co., Del.

CAMDEN, Del. (WPVI) -- A team from the National Weather Service (NWS) has determined a tornado did hit Kent County, Delaware on Thursday, leaving two people injured and several homes destroyed.

Officials on Friday said the tornado was classified as an EF-1 with estimated wind speeds of 105 MPH. It had a maximum path width of .35 miles and a length of .03 miles.

Neighbors and residents surveyed the damage on Friday.

"It literally lifted up half the height of those trees and spun around like a football. It tore the roof off and then the trailer tore down against the shed," said Ronald Killen, neighbor.

Barbara Smith Morelock was inside that shed tending her goats and potbellied pigs.

Trapped inside the crushed trailer husband and fellow animal lover Robert Dolga.

He was found injured under a mattress and his wife says it cushioned him from heavier debris.

"That mattress landed on top of him and that's what save his life," said Morelock.

The tornado heavily damaged four other homes.

A county official reminded residents that when tornado warnings are issued to seek safe space like a cellar.

"If you're in a mobile home, we would suggest that you get out and get into a structure that's considered safe," said Chief Colin Faulkner, Kent County Department of Public Safety.

Morelock, helped by firefighters to search for valuables, frets that their insurance will not cover their losses.

"Pray for us, pleas pray for us," she said.

May 22, 2014: The Action Cam caught this image of storm damage in Claymont.

Meanwhile in Claymont, residents tried to protect their vehicles as a hail storm passed through on Thursday.

"We were sitting here minding our own business when all of sudden it just sounded like rocks hitting the house," said Daun Simpson.

May 22, 2014: Resident Daun Simpson used her cell phone to capture images of the hail falling in Claymont.

Simpson used her cell phone to capture the storm.

"There were hail balls coming down in droves - little ones, big ones, some fit into my palm - they were huge," she said.

May 22, 2014: The Action Cam caught this image of storm damage in Claymont.

The large ice balls ripped through a plastic patio table and easily pierced holes through a patio umbrella.

"Some of them were the size of golf balls you wouldn't believe it. It sounded like cherry bombs going off," said Richard Rygiel.

Despite all the damage, no other injuries were reported.
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