2 men honored for finding pipe bomb in N.J. trash can, alerting police

ELIZABETH, New Jersey -- There were honors and a huge helping hand Tuesday night for the two men who discovered a pipe bomb placed in a trash can in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The community is saluting the men, one of whom was homeless, after they saw something and said something about a bomb, cops say, was planted by suspected bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami.

The two men say they are just ordinary guys, but these ordinary guys did an extraordinary thing.

We will never know just how many lives were saved in Elizabeth.

The bomb they had found went off safely, as police were disarming it using a robot.

What we do know is that it could have been so much worse.

Instead, this explosion injured no one because of the quick thinking of Lee Parker and his friend, Ivan White.

"I'm very touched and grateful and gratified that I was able to be in a position to do something for others," White said.

White says he can no longer walk down the street without being recognized.

Parker was homeless when they found the backpack with five pipe bombs inside.

A week ago, he didn't even have a home, let alone a key for one.

On Tuesday night, he was given the keys to the city.

Parker says he has been showered with generosity.

A local charity raised money for him, and he will not waste this opportunity to get his life back on track.

"I've been put up since. I've been put up. I have a room. I'm in a hotel. I'm no longer homeless thank God because these wonderful people reached out to me and made my life a little better," Parker said.

It was last week when authorities believe suspected bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami, dumped the explosives in a trash can by the train station, after placing two pressure cookers in Chelsea.

Elizabeth officials recognize not everyone would have done what these two did.

In fact, the FBI released a new photo Tuesday night as they are still searching for the two men who found a pressure cooker on 27th Street.

They may not have realized it was a bomb.

But Parker and White not only knew what it was, they ran and notified police.

Parker says things are now looking up.

"I have an interview tomorrow as a matter of fact, Shop Rite, job offer," Parker said.

Parker says the housing he is in is temporary.

His plan is to land a job, and turn temporary into permanent.

After two years of being homeless, let's hope he can get back on his feet.