Mom accused of leaving girl in car while gambling

HOUSTON -- A mother who allegedly left her daughter in the car while she visited a game room was arrested during an illegal gambling raid at a business in Houston, Texas.

Detectives say they were executing a warrant for illegal gambling at a game room in the 11500 block of Veterans Memorial when they found the 7-year-old girl alone inside a car. Xiomara Isaula was arrested on a charge of child abandonment with intent to return.

Investigators also arrested the game room's operator, 23-year-old Hugo Hurtado, on charges of Possession of Gambling Device, Equipment, or Paraphernalia. His bond was set at $1,000 for the class A misdemeanor.

Isaula's bond was set at $5,000 for the state jail felony.

To report illegal gambling operations or other unlawful activities, citizens may go to the website, click on "On-Line Services", and then click on "Regulatory Violation". Complainants can remain anonymous.