Flower vendor breaks down in tears after man buys all of her roses

Here's a story that proves kindness and good will can bloom anywhere.

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A flower vendor was riding the 6 train on the subway in New York City when a man in a suit approached her and offered to buy all 140 of her roses.

The only condition? She has to give away all of the flowers for free.

The woman, confused and shocked by the man's act of generosity, breaks down in tears over the act of kindness. The woman then announces that the flowers are free, and subway commuters quickly gather around her cart.

The footage was originally uploaded by YouTube user Maria Lopez in June 2013, but went viral on Monday after being posted to Reddit where it gained over 5,000 upvotes.

"Those $1 roses will make many people so happy and they'll never know who that man is. Good dude," wrote one Reddit user.

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