Anti-Muslim poster found outside cultural center at Rutgers University

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (WPVI) -- The Paul Robeson Cultural Center on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, N.J. is designed for inclusion and acceptance.

"They definitely put it here because they wanted to start some trouble," said Raylon Martinez, a student.

A poster was taped up right outside the building overnight with a message of hate aimed at Muslims.

"I go there for my prayers, a lot of people go there for their prayers. And to know that someone put it there to make sure that we could all see it, you know, it doesn't make you feel good," said Malhan, a student.

The poster, which comes from an alt right group called American Vanguard, appeared on other campuses Tuesday.

One at the University of Texas it was taken down and Rutgers issued a statement saying, "The contents of the flyer violate the values and ideals for which Rutgers stands. We strongly condemn this kind of speech and are appalled that our Muslim community was targeted in this way."

"It just scares me to see things happening like this, and myself coming from a Latino background, I don't know what's going to happen," said Ezio, a student.

"The fact that there's something degrading another person's background, their religious beliefs, it's so messed up," said Ben Sloman, a student.

There was another response, too. On the window adjacent to where the flyer was posted. A hundred flyers of love and acceptance, students attempt to drown out the voice of hate.

"That's what this country stands for and it's given us the chance to show what Muslims stand for and in this country the minorities and the Muslims are standing together and staying together," said Mohammad Asker, a student.

"It's a way to retaliate peacefully," Malhan said.
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