Bar security guard wounded in shootout in Feltonville

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A 22-year-old armed security guard is recovering after a shootout with a suspect outside a Philadelphia bar. (WPVI)

A 22-year-old armed security guard is recovering after a shootout with a suspect near a Philadelphia bar.

The incident happened around 2 a.m. Thursday in the 100 block of Wyoming Avenue in Feltonville.

"We don't know what started the shooting," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. "The security guard saw people firing shots, and he intervened."

The head of the bar's security says the 22-year-old security guard was off-duty from Cooper's Bar and Grill but stopped in to say hello before closing.

He was walking a friend down the street toward Rising Sun Avenue when gunfire erupted.

Witnesses tell police the shooter jumped into a Chevrolet Malibu sedan with two other men inside. He continued firing through the car's windows.

Then the trio ditched the car on Rising Sun, just yards away from where they took off. Police found shell casings inside vehicle, but no blood.

"We have no evidence if the shooter was shot by the security guard," said Small. "We are checking area hospitals.

Police say the security guard was wearing a uniform. It was not immediately clear if he was working at Cooper's or at a different bar.

Police said he does have a permit to carry a weapon, and that believe he was acting in self-defense.

The Chevrolet Malibu was impounded by police. Investigators do not believe it was stolen. They have tracked down the registered owner's address.

As of noon Thursday no arrests had been made.
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