Best ways to protect yourself against Zika virus

The CDC has issued a warning that it's very likely the Zika virus will spread from mosquitos to humans in the U.S.

The news comes as Connecticut reports its first confirmed case of a pregnant woman contracting Zika.

"Aedes aegypti is a very difficult mosquito to control and eliminate," Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said.

With summer right around the corner, what's the best thing you and your family can do to combat the disease right here at home?

Last spring, Consumer Reports tested 15 insect repellents finding the most effective ones against the specific mosquitos known for carrying and spreading Zika were Sawyer Picaridin insect repellent, Natrapel 8 hour and Off! Deepwoods VIII, which was found to be the most effective.

We caught up with Professor Michael Raupp, a.k.a. "the bug guy," from the University of Maryland for his tips to battle the bugs.

"Mosquito repellent clothing is a very good way to prevent mosquito bites, it's also been proven to actually reduce the incidents of mosquito borne diseases," Raupp said.

But what else can you do around your home?

"Other things that homeowners should consider to do around the home this time of year is get rid of those breeding sites. That means eliminate all sources of standing water, if you got a five gallon pale or an old paint can behind the tool shed dump those things out and get rid of them. If it holds water for a week or two weeks you can breed mosquitos," Raupp said.
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