Beware: Black bear sightings in NJ, Pa.

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Multiple black bears have recently been spotted in the tri-state area.

Multiple black bears have been spotted in the tri-state area recently.

Lisa Vasvary, a 28-year-old ultrasound tech from Franklin Township, New Jersey, was in her back yard Tuesday night when a young black bear out foraging walked right toward her.

"About 2 feet away from the fence, and I knew the mother bear probably was not far from that," said Vasvary.

Vasvary stood still and started recording the bear on her phone.

"I stayed frozen for, as you see in the video, a good amount of time, but once he got within 2 feet, I had to start backing up," said Vasvary.

With the bear too close for comfort, Vasvary ran away.

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An Action News viewer sent us video of a black bear in her backyard in Princeton, New Jersey.

"The one thing you should never do is run," said Caryn Shinske, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. "When you run from a bear it could invoke of prey response, and the bear may think you are prey."

In another incident Wednesday morning in Reading, Pennsylvania, a different bear was sighted. Krista Arentz grabbed her phone to shoot a video.

"I saw this huge black thing in the lane and I was like, 'Oh my word, there's a bear!' " said Arentz of Reading, Pennsylvania. "And it wasn't just a little black bear, it was a big black bear!"

It's not uncommon for young male bears to be on the move this time of year, but wildlife officials warn you've got to be careful if you encounter them.

"The best thing you can do is avoid contact with a bear, do not look at it directly in the eyes, back away slowly," said Shinske. "You can raise your arms to look as tall as possible, snap your hands,"

The last thing you want to do is corner a bear like this 500-pounder in DuBois, a town in western Pennsylvania. apparently looking for food, he was trapped between 2 buildings and had to be tranquilized and removed.

"They are wild animals and they can be dangerous," said Shinske.

"I would say I'll probably video next time from inside the window," said Vasvary.

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