More Pa. gas stations can sell beer, despite looming court case

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WPVI) -- Pump your gas. Grab a six-pack. It may be a reality coming to a gas station near you.

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved nine new applications permitting gas stations to sell six-packs of beer.

Customers at a Northern Liberties Lukoil say they are on board with the new changes.

"It's convenient. 7-Eleven's and gas stations and stuff like that. I don't have a problem with it," said Takara Kaczowski of Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

"I won't be against it. It all depends, as long as they card everybody," said Rob Tomoney of Northeast Philadelphia. "It might be a good thing for us. I don't know."

Currently, the Liquor Code forbids licenses at places where gasoline is sold. But Gov. Tom Wolf, who sent a letter asking the board to grant the licenses, pointed to a recent court decision allowing the sales - if the points of sale are separate.

In other words, separate cash registers.

"They just want more money," said Young Kim, Global Beer Distributors.

Kim works at a Northern Liberties beer distributor - most of which opposed the change. Kim thinks the liquor code is just fine the way it is.

"If you see the southern states, everyone has their liquor and beer all in the same place, but they all cannibalize each other," said Kim. "No one's able to really make out well."

The current code is aimed at cutting down on competition with the state stores and drunk driving.

Some customers said they're concerned about just that. Others told us they're all for the added convenience.

"You gonna get gas and you're gonna get beer, too. You're gonna start drinking' while you're driving," said Carlos Terreforte of Northern Liberties. "I don't think it's a good idea at all."

"Yeah, be nice to grab a six-pack instead of a full case. They do 12-packs some places, but yeah, I think it's great," said Kevin Swinesburg of Northern Liberties.
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