Boy, 12, loses part of finger on NJ school locker

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A mother is looking for answers after her son was seriously injured at school in Trenton, N.J. (WPVI)

A mother is looking for answers after her son lost part of a finger during some horseplay at a school in Trenton, N.J.

Zaphier Reed is a 6th grader at Grace Dunn Middle School in Trenton. On October 6 a friend of his shoved him into a locker, severing part of the pinky finger on his right hand.

"One hand slipped off the locker and then I tried to stop myself and my finger got caught up in the air vent and it took off the top part," he said.

Zaphier required surgery to repair the injury, but the severed part of his finger could not be reattached.

He's been out of school and has either a doctor appointment or physical therapy every day.

"I have insurance, my insurance covers some of it, but not all of it," said Zaphier's mother, Jessica Trotman.

But Zaphier's mother says despite repeatedly contacting the school, the Board of Education and the superintendent's office she has been unable to get information about the district's insurance coverage, homeschooling for her son, or what if any discipline the girl who pushed Zaphier into the locker has received.

"I don't think I'm asking too much and I think I've waited long enough," she said.

Trotman says she learned the name of the district's insurer independently and when she called they knew nothing about the case.

"How do you have somebody lose a finger and don't nobody know? Nobody says anything? Nobody's called to check on him to see if he's all right. No nothing," she said.

The school district tells Action News Grace Dunn Middle School filed a medical incident report October 6 and the case is being reviewed.

Meantime this 12-year-old, who plays basketball, football and soccer remains out of school and worried about what losing part of his finger will mean.

"How am I trying to catch a ball with one whole hand and four fingers?" Zaphier said.

The officials said the district will be reaching out the family to make accommodations for homeschooling. However, they would not say if the girl who pushed Zaphier had been disciplined.
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