Brides upset after Delaware boutique unexpectedly closes

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A bridal boutique in Delaware has abruptly closed its doors, leaving more than a dozen brides to be without their dresses. (WPVI)

A bridal boutique in Delaware has abruptly closed its doors, leaving more than a dozen brides to be without their dresses.

Now as they make new plans for their big day, the state Attorney General's office is investigating the business.

Many newly engaged women stopped by Anastasia's Bridal in Wilmington to say yes to the dress, only to find out weeks and even days before the big day that the shop is suddenly closed and the owner is nowhere to be found.

Ask any bride and most will tell you finding the dress is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Many, like Ashley Mashington, experienced that unforgettable moment at Anastasia's Bridal with owner Luba Cawley.

"I wouldn't call her warm and fuzzy. But she was professional enough," said Mashington.

Cawley allegedly also knew how to make a deal.

"It was 10% if you paid cash and 15% off if you paid in full in cash," said Mashington.

Mashington jumped at the better of the two and paid $1,500 in full for her gown. Four months out from the big day, she found out other brides who went to the same shop were not receiving their gowns.

"I called the store, left a message, sent emails to the store's owner. At that point their website had been disabled so my heart was quickly starting to sink," said Mashington.

Action News also knocked on doors and made calls with no luck.

So Mashington started a Facebook page called Anastasia's Burned Brides and the likes quickly grew. Dozens of women came forward with similar stories. But the response was not what she expected - even former brides were getting involved.

"A lot of brides have come forward. Girls who have already gotten married. Offering their dresses," said Mashington.

Mashington's fiancé, Adam Cooper, makes it clear that it's not the dress he cares about.

"In the end, her and I are getting married and that's all that matters," he said.

And even though she now has her dress, after having to pay for it again, she can't help but wonder what this bridal shop owner was thinking.

"Why would you want to take money from excited brides and their families and hard-working people?" she asked.

Action News was able to get a hold of the bridal shop owner's husband, who said neither him nor his wife are able to comment because of pending litigation.

If you have been affected by this shop's closing, CLICK HERE for more information.
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