Bucks County Metro PCS employee speaks about armed robbery

LEVITTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- A Bucks County cell phone store employee who was tied up and locked away by a trio of robbers is speaking out.

The robbery was caught on video by surveillance cameras inside the store.

It was a frightening and potentially deadly encounter Wednesday night for Brian Kegge, manager of the Metro PCS store along Veterans Highway in Levittown.

"They told me they didn't want to kill me because I told them 'I have a family, please don't kill me.' They said they didn't want to kill me, they just wanted the money," Brian Kegge said.

Kegge and another employee were in the store around 7:30 p.m., about 30 minutes before closing, when the three suspects showed up: two men and one woman. One was armed.

"They had a gun and they pointed the gun right at me and the first thing that I thought of was my kids, of course," Kegge said.

The employees say everything happened so fast, they barely had time to think. There are several cameras inside and outside of the store, but the suspects didn't seem to mind.

They entered the store without masks and at what appears to be a calm pace. Surveillance shows the woman coming in after the two men and going straight for the registers.

"With as many cameras as we have in the store, I could have never imagined something like this happening at this location. It blows my mind," Kegge said.

No customers were in the store at the time.

Both employees were duct taped and locked in separate rooms.

When they were confident the criminals were gone, the other employee was able to break free, then release Kegge who called police.

"They got away with my wallet which had my ID, my credit cards, everything, so they know where I live," Kegge said.

He says he hopes they get arrested soon.

"If they don't, I have people on the streets who have guns who are doing violent crimes who know where I live," Kegge said.

The suspects got away with over a dozen cell phones and some cash.

Kegge and the other employee were not injured in the robbery.

Action News has reached out to police for more on their investigation.
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