Attempted arson investigated after burnt paper found in gas tank of Philadelphia police cruiser

LOGAN -- Philadelphia police are investigating an attempted arson of a police cruiser.

It happened around 8:30 p.m. Monday at the 35th District building on the 5900 block of North Broad Street in the city's Logan section.

An officer noticed a cruiser in the parking lot had its gas cap open.

The officer saw a burnt piece of paper sticking out of the gas tank.

While the piece of paper was burned, the fire did not spread to the gas tank or the cruiser.

"Whoever tried to do it was not successful," Police Commissioner Richard Ross told Action News. "They weren't able to get the cloth lit, really."

There was no damage to the vehicle, and no injuries were reported.

Investigators were looking for surveillance footage to see if it might provide more details as to what exactly happened.

Police and the fire marshal's office are investigating.
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