Charges expected after fight at Chichester High School

BOOTHWYN, Pa. (WPVI) -- Police say criminal charges will likely be filed against a number of students after a fight Thursday at Chichester High School.

Videos of the fight are posted on social media. Police say those videos will be used as evidence as they prepare the charges.

The school public safety officer says it started as a fight between two boys over an earlier incident that occurred off school property.

As the boys went at it, other students jumped in during the melee in a hallway of the "C" wing.

Three teacher suffered minor injuries as they tried to break it up. Police say one cut his hand, another had a blow to the head and the third was punched in the nose.

The teachers drove themselves to the hospital where they were checked out and released. The police say all three were back on the job Friday morning.

Several students were taken care of by the school nurse for minor injuries.

As students returned to class Friday morning they were met with extra police patrol, but there were no reported incidents.

Despite rampant rumors, the police say the fight did not involve young people from outside the school.

The school released a statement Thursday night informing parents of the incident. It said the students involved were immediately removed from the school.

Witnesses say it was frightening.

"One kid just swung at another kid and it was utter bedlam in the hallways, I tell you," said junior Dalton Kelly. When asked if he was frightened Kelly said "Oh, you have to in a situation like that."

Police say as many as 10 of the kids involved will be facing criminal charges, but none have been arrested yet.
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