Collingdale residents show their support for police

COLLINGDALE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Across the tristate area in recent days, there have been a number of pro-police rallies taking place.

Action News was there exclusively for one in Collingdale, New Jersey Monday night.

More than 50 people from Collingdale and adjacent communities came to applaud police for their service, to hug them, and shake their hands for what they do.

The rally was in reaction to all the anti-police hate and violence against police officers, particularly in the wake of the horrific massacre in Dallas.

Collingdale Councilman Jeff Pucolo organized the event.

"It really hit me, like we need to get out and as a community pray and get God back into our communities," Pucolo said.

A handful of preachers and reverends prayed for a divided nation's healing and for an end to all the turmoil we've seen in recent days.

Residents who hugged and thanked officers said they felt an obligation to show their support.

"When something happens over there, it doesn't mean that all cops are evil. They're very good people who are fathers and sons and I'm proud to be here because it's our responsibility to make this community a better community," Alhaji Saccoh of Collingdale said.

"It feels really nice to know we have a community that backs us. It's a rough time for officers right now and it's definitely good to have the support," Collingdale Police Officer Heather Myers said.

"There is a lot going on, a lot of turmoil, we appreciate the support of people coming out," Aldan Police Officer Ken Coppola said.

Ridley Park Officer Mark Hanley who last summer was shot in the line of duty is grateful that he survived, but reflects on those five officers in Dallas who did not.

"It really hurts, those five families have to go through a funeral to say goodbye to their loved ones and all they were doing were trying to keep peace of the protest," Hanley said. null
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