Dad calls out his daughter's Snapchat bullies

PRIOR LAKE, Minn. (WPVI) -- It's a heartbreaking case of bullying that led one Minnesota dad to share his pain on YouTube.

Brad Knudson says his 14-year-old daughter Diedra was sent an offensive, racist message on Snapchat - one that contains words so strong we had to edit them for TV.

Knudson filed a police report. He even called the parents of the child who left the message - that father also used the N-word.

So he took his story to YouTube and his heart wrenching video already has more than 300,000 views.

"I was afraid if I don't get this out, if I don't get people to understand what's going on here, especially with this individual, that my daughter isn't going to say anything to me and someday I'll find her hanging in the bedroom," said Knudson.

"I just hope people understand how much racism affects people," said Diedra.

Especially, they say, the young people sending these hurtful messages, and their parents, who don't see anything wrong with them or the harsh language.
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