Dozens of cars vandalized in Fairmount

FAIRMOUNT -- Dozens of people in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia woke up on Wednesday morning to find their car windows shattered.

Overnight, someone rampaged through a row house section, doing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

"I woke up this morning to a knock on my door and there was a police officer asking if that was my Volkswagen Passat, I said it was. Came to find out I was one of many in the neighborhood that got hit," said victim Kristin Snyder.

Police are holding a suspect they expect to charge with multiple cases of vandalism and related counts.

A longtime resident of Fairmount said window smashing goes on around here every night, but not to this magnitude.

"We really don't feel it's safe to park your car anywhere in the neighborhood," said Jennifer Pavo.

"It's frustrating. You live in the city, so things like this can happen, but you never want to wake up to anything like this, especially when you find out it wasn't just you, it was however many other people that have to deal with the same thing and spend the same money," said Snyder. "It's frustrating."

Police say they are still totaling up the number of cars that were damaged.