Four bodies, handgun found near missing Alaska family's home

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The family of four disappeared in May 2014 (KTRK)

The bizarre case of a vanished family of four and their dog could be coming to a tragic close after police say they found remains that could belong to them. Kenai police Lt. Dave Ross said Monday that four bodies found about one-half mile from their home haven't been identified by a coroner, but police have every indication it's the missing family.

Ross provided few details, saying the investigation remains open. But he said there's no reason to believe another person was involved in the deaths or that the bodies were moved. A handgun was also found near the bodies, with a serial number matching one form the family's home. The remains of a dog was also found.

Rebecca Adams, a 23-year-old mother of two, went missing with her boyfriend, 38-year-old Brandon Jividen, last May. Her daughters, Michelle and Jaracca Hundley, would be ages 6 and 3. The family dog, Sparks, also went missing.

A person driving down a trail Saturday spotted clothing and remains, and the person called police.

The family was last seen the day after Memorial Day last year, May 27, the Associated Press reports, though the last physical evidence -- some surveillance footage from a local business -- came from May 18.

Police and the FBI launched a massive search, but there were no clues.

The circumstances surrounding the family's disappearance further add to the mystery.

At the time, neighbor Desiree Guillam, spoke to the ABC affiliate, saying Adams even left behind her phone and ID.

"The landlord said their food was still on the table and the counters and their jackets were on the back of the chairs," she said. "It looks like they just vanished during breakfast."

Relatives said the family did not appear to have packed any bags. Their two vehicles remained parked outside their apartment. Their rent for June had not been paid.

The family's neighbor also said at the time that she did not expect any mistreatment of the children by her neighbors.

"She is way responsible, she's a really, really good mom," Guillam said of Adams. "She puts her kids first all the time."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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