Girl, 4, aids firefighters in rescue from locked bathroom

The ingenuity and know-how of a four-year-old girl helped save the day in Arizona.

Malaysia's family called Tempe firefighters last week, after she and her 3-year-old cousin, RJ, locked themselves in the bathroom.

They slid a cell phone under the door so Malaysia could snap a photo of the jammed lock.

The firefighters then told Malaysia they needed her help to unlock the door.

"They gave me a little blue screwdriver, and I unscrewed those screws, said Malaysia."

Malaysia was asked, how did you know how to do that?

She said, "My dad told me righty tighty, left loosey."

Soon, Malaysia and RJ were free.

The two tots got a tour of the fire truck, and the crew gave Malaysia the honorary title, junior firefighter of the day.
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