Glenolden man's lost wallet returned with 'lave' note

GLENOLDEN, Pa. (WPVI) -- The spoken word can be fleeting. The written one can be eternal.

Little Daniel Boyd wrote a note to his father two years ago when he first learned how to write. It reads, 'I lave my dad.' Love is spelled l-a-v-e.

His father Mike of Glenolden, Delaware County keeps it in his wallet at all times.

But just recently he lost his wallet. While it had $40, credit cards, and other important information inside, it was that note with the misspelling of love that he worried about most.

"The money I figured that was definitely gone, the cards we could cancel. It would be a pain in the butt, but you'd replace all the rest of it. But that [note], you can't replace it," Mike said.

The Boyds had just left Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday night after watching the Kenny Chesney concert. They got to the parking lot and Mike realized his wallet was gone and so too was that note.

"I was like, 'lets cancel the cards,'" Joanie Boyd said.

They did just that.

But two days later Joanie received a package in the mail with wallet inside.

"I was like 'Oh my God.' I ran in and cut it open and not only was it there, but all the money, all the credit cards, and the note," Joanie said.

But the postage had no return address.

Joanie wanted to say thank you.

So she felt compelled to create a post on the Action News Facebook page to thank the Good Samaritan.

"I just said thank you so much to this person. We will continue to pray for you and pay it forward," Joanie said.

And the Action News Facebook page is exactly how the Boyds found their hero.

On Wednesday, a young man posted that his girlfriend, Jennifer Grasso, was the one who spotted Michael's wallet in the parking lot.

She immediately found a police officer who dropped it in the mail for her.

After connecting through private messages, Grasso told Joanie that she was so touched to know that the misspelled note, saying "I lave my dad" was the most valuable item in her husband's wallet.

"If he lost [the note], I would've had to make a new one," Daniel said. An honest statement that made his father laugh.

Yes, the Boyds have a lot of love, or should I say 'lave,' for this mystery person who did the right thing.
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