Good Samaritans help recover purse snatched in Santa Monica, California

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Two Good Samaritans were seen on camera jumping out of their car and helping chase down a purse snatcher on the street in Santa Monica, California.

The incident was captured on dash camera Tuesday around 9:40 a.m. A man is seen walking in a crosswalk at Hill and Main streets when he suddenly accosts a woman walking in the other direction and tries to grab her bag.

She struggles, trying to kick him and hold on to her bag, but he grabs it and runs off.

He doesn't get far.

The video shows the two men leaving their vehicle at the light, rushing off so quickly the driver even leaves his door ajar.

Santa Monica police say the suspect was caught down the block as he apparently tried to take property from a second person.

The suspect, an adult male, was arrested and booked for robbery and attempted robbery.