Good Samaritans stop DUI suspect from driving with child in car

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Two men blocked a drunk woman from driving with a baby in the car. (KTRK)

Two young men stopped a seemingly drunk woman from getting behind the wheel Saturday night while her baby was sitting in the front seat of the car.

"I saw the lady with a beer in her hand, and I wasn't going to let her drive off with the kid in the car," said 20-year-old Ty Thompson.

He saw the woman trying to leave the parking lot of a convenience store seemingly intoxicated.

Thompson was there with his friend, Koltan Transue, 18, who said the woman backed over a curb and into the bushes. That's when he drove his truck and blocked her so she couldn't leave.

"Ty, at that point, ran out to the driver's side and pulled the keys out of the ignition," said Transue. "As I was calling 911, he ran around to the other side and got the child out of the car."

Transue said the baby was cold and shivering. They wrapped a blanket around her until authorities could get there.

"She had no right to be behind the steering wheel of the car, especially with the child in the car," said Transue.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputies arrested the woman and charged her with DUI and reckless endangerment.

Transue and Thompson are just glad they were there in the right place at the right time.

"I feel like we did a big thing, I feel like we saved some lives," said Thompson.
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