Graduation Day for School to Career students

CHESTER, Pa. (WPVI) -- Dozens of Delaware County teens are better prepared for their futures, thanks to a program that let them explore the possibilities in higher education and the work force.

Rising sophomore Darius Bond was among the many who took part in the Chester Education Foundation's School to Career summer program.

For four weeks, students busied themselves with different projects.

Bond's program took him to Widener University where he learned more about what college would be like.

"They always try to keep you a step ahead so you'll never fall behind and you'll never be that C, D student from last year. That won't happen," Bond said.

146 students from the Chester Upland School District gathered at Community Hospital for Thursday's celebration and were applauded by a crowd that included the mayor and their parents.

Around 40 took credits for school, the rest were paid and part of the Job Readiness Program, funded by both the public and private sectors.

"Even though it was academically focused, we still required them to dress a certain way, taking it serious, as if this was their job," Gerald Rocha of the Chester Education Foundation said.

For rising junior Dajelle Wright, she explored a new potential career path, working in the pharmacy at Crozer Chester Medical Center.

"Now, I want to go college for pharmacy. I didn't know what I wanted to be, but now this is it," Wright said.

Graduation day is the day to celebrate their hard work, but many are wrapping up this summer with clearer plans for their futures.

"Today is graduation day, it helps me know that I did a good job and I'm on the right track," Bond said.
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