Family makes plea for info after mom, 2 kids struck in South Philadelphia

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Action News spoke with 30-year-old Stephanie McMillian, who tells us she is grateful to be alive, along with her two children, after being struck by a car in South Philadelphia.

"I'm good. Sore, but I'm good," said McMillian.

She and her husband, Arthur, spoke with us Wednesday night outside of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where her two daughters are being treated.

Stephanie McMillian suffered a black eye and other contusions, and is being monitored for concussion-like ailments.

As for their 4-month-old daughter, "She was cleared and she's discharged, however, my 5-year-old, she's upstairs, she has surgery," said father Arthur McMillan. "She has a broken femur, her left side of her face was swollen and all that jazz."

The search continues for the hit-and-run driver.

It happened around 12:51 p.m. Tuesday along South Broad Street near Dickinson.

Police say Stephanie and her two girls were crossing the street when a red Honda Accord suddenly appeared and struck them.

"I don't know exactly what happen. I just know that my husband came and he said, 'Babe you're in the hospital,' and that was it," said Stephanie McMillian. "And I saw my baby and her face was messed up and stuff."

One surveillance camera caught the car barreling into the victims.

The drive failed to stop and render aid, police said, and kept on going traveling eastbound on Dickinson.

Police are reviewing multiple surveillance cameras that catch the driver speeding away.

Police did retrieve the car's passenger mirror, but have not captured the hit-and-run driver.

"The driver is such a coward that you would hit somebody and then peel off like that," said Arthur McMillian. "Like what's wrong with you? You have no moral conscious, no common sense, no decency as a person."

With police getting few, if any, leads, the McMillan's are pleading with anyone who may have seen the accident or otherwise know who the driver is.

"If you know anything, speak up," said Stephanie McMillian. "We're not trying to antagonize you or anything, just speak up and let us know who did it."

"I prefer if everybody who saw something just please go out there and tell the police what you saw," said Arthur McMillian. "And I understand the whole you don't wanna snitch and all that, but there's babies involved, this is innocent bystanders. It's not like this was gang affiliated, this is innocent woman and children."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia police.
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