Hot tub hoppers caught on camera in Pa.

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Modern technology ended the fun times for a group of hot tub hoppers.

A trail camera at a home in Montoursville, Pennsylvania caught the uninvited guests.

Police say four young women were trespassing when they used a hot tub without permission, late at night.

Investigators posted the pictures on social media.

Within 15 minutes, tipsters identified them.

Neighbors say they're glad more people have cameras out and on at night.

Elizabeth Labacher, a Montoursville Resident said "Trespassing when you're twenty-years-old and in both of our opinions they are kids, but they also know not to do something like that."

Resident Steve Sheare added, "Thirty-some years ago, I'm glad they didn't have cameras, have that stuff, because I was a teenager, too."

There's no word yet if the hot tub hoppers will be charged.
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