Officers outraged after judge's clerk allegedly posts anti-police rants online

DARBY, Pa. (WPVI) -- Almost 100 Darby Borough police officers and their supporters rallied outside the Administrative Office for Magisterial District Judges Wednesday, demanding action against District Judge Leonard Tenaglia.

The officers are outraged about Erika Robinson, a clerk in Tenaglia's office known for social media posts filled with hate against police. Some filled with so many expletives, we can't show them.

"This person certainly has the right to express herself, but she doesn't have the right to endanger my officers," said Darby Police Chief Robert Smythe.

The officers allege the clerk leaked sealed information to a drug dealer before a raid back in April, endangering the lives of 150 law enforcement officers.

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When one of our teams wanted to ask Robinson about this, she hid behind her desk.

We also caught up with Judge Tenaglia, whom we asked: How can you have somebody like that working in your office?

"That's the allegation. No comment," said Judge Tenaglia, whose response was the same when asked what he planned to do about it.

"I think judges have a special role, and we're not allowed to comment on public things," said Tenaglia. "No comment."

We should point out the court administrator supposedly investigated the leak and determined it was just a mistake.

But outraged officers are not buying the notion a woman posting hatred toward cops on social media made a simple mistake.

"Something has to happen before an officer in this town or another town anywhere gets shot and killed cause we don't know what's going in here," said Smythe.

The police group seems determined to get action. They say if the clerk is not removed and county officials don't do anything, they want the matter to be investigated by the Pennsylvania's Attorney General's Office because they believe this is a matter of public safety.
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