Last minute shopping deals

ANDORRA (WPVI) -- The pressure is on for last minute holiday shoppers and luckily, a few retailers have been open around the clock.

Many shoppers are getting their gifts and deals at the Kohl's department store in Philadelphia's Andorra section.

It was the middle of the night, but some shoppers didn't let a pesky thing like sleeping get in the way of their shopping lists.

Kohl's has been open all night for shoppers to get their last minute items before Christmas.

Ken Vinson of Germantown said, "It's a tradition for me to do shopping on the very last day. Even though I can get everything done, I don't feel right unless I'm out here on Christmas Eve doing some shopping."

And it looks like for many shoppers, waiting until the 11th hour does pay off.

Experts have been watching in recent years as there's been a shift to more discounting throughout the season as opposed to just Black Friday. And, a lot of those deals come last minute in the final few days to Christmas.

Ben Glaser of says, "We're passed the biggest part of the holiday shopping season so retailers are already looking ahead to the post-holiday season and wondering how they can keep retailers online and in stores. That's why they are offering such amazing deals even this week."

There are deals, but not always necessarily merchandise. Shoppers advise going in with a little flexibility.

"A little picked over, but for the most part, I was able to find some of the things I was looking for, and got very good deals," said Vinson.

Of course, getting your shopping done is a big step, but the next stop is wrapping them all.

There will be quite a lot of busy elves getting it all done before Christmas.
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