Local Muslim community reacts to Trump victory

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton is causing concern among the nation's Muslim community.

During his campaign, the president-elect called for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims" entering the country.

So which Donald Trump will be president? The man behind the inflammatory words directed at all Muslims or the man of the more conciliatory tone who spoke Wednesday morning.

"We will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone," Trump said.

Saadiq Jabbar Garner, a Germantown business man who operates a used car dealership, hopes Trump understands he must govern a diverse nation.

"We hope that those statements that were just made to deal with the situation of the campaign," Garner said.

Garner also hopes Trump will reflect and be more inclusive.

"I would like to see him be more inclusive and repudiate some of the statements he said and we know what they were," Garner said.

Ahmed Soliman, the onetime head of the Muslim Lawyers Association of New Jersey, is actually optimistic, that in an odd way Trump's earlier harsh words have helped devout Muslims.

"For the first time, people don't think of a terrorist when they think of a Muslim American. They think of a Gold Star family, Khizr Khan and his family; for the first time, people in reaction to Donald Trump have actually come to our defense," Soliman said.

Soliman thinks Trump's uglier words were part of a campaign sales pitch.

"If was just a sales pitch then I'm hoping he would bring the groups together that didn't vote for him - the Latinos, the Muslim Americans, the African Americans, the women, maybe have a conference, ask them what their concerns are," Soliman said.

Soliman is skeptical that Trump will repudiate his earlier campaign statements, but he thinks the President-elect will probably soften his rhetoric going forward.
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