Radnor man accused of luring released from jail

RADNOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WPVI) -- A 26-year-old man accused of trying to lure children near a Delaware County elementary school has been released from jail.

Daniel Lee was arrested last week after parents complained he was talking to children at Wayne Elementary School in Radnor Township.

Lee's mother told Action News her son has autism and just likes talking to children. She says despite the charges, her son is not a threat or a danger.

The Delaware County District Attorney's office said there would be stipulations for Lee's release, but they wouldn't go into detail.

Lee was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly approached a boy and his two sisters at the intersection of West Wayne and Arbordale avenues.

They say he started asking them about their school and teachers. He also allegedly asked them about finding an abandoned cabin in the woods.

The children continued to walk to the Wayne Elementary School playground area.

Shortly after arriving at the playground, police say Lee reappeared from the wooded area near the school. He again spoke to the children.

At this time, the children's parents arrived at the playground and were informed by their kids of the encounter.

The parents called 911 providing a description of the male suspect.

Within two minutes of receiving the call, Radnor police officers located Lee walking on Maplewood Road and took him into custody.

Lee was charged Thursday with Attempting to Lure Children into a structure, which is in reference to his statements about a cabin, corruption of the morals of a minor, and harassment.

Police say based on their investigation at no time did Lee make any physical contact or attempt to make physical contact with the children.

Lee lives with his parents about a quarter mile from the school. They say he is harmless.

However, his mother Hai Lee says she'll teach him this is wrong.

The police say Lee acknowledged he knows it's inappropriate for him to strike up a conversation with young children.

They say they are aware that Lee may have some cognitive issues, but say he scared the children and indicated he wanted to take them to a cabin in the woods.

They say they're glad the children and their mother called them as quickly as they did.

Other parents say this is a unique situation and no one is hitting the panic button.

Police had a prior complaint about him talking to children four years ago, but decided that was a harmless encounter.
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