Man pulls gun in road rage incident

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The man behind the camera confronts the people in the truck, and that is when things escalated. (WPVI)

A pickup driver who pointed a gun at a motorcycle rider in Nevada says he felt threatened in a road rage incident caught on camera.

The pickup truck driver who didn't want to be identified told station KVVU the video didn't capture the erratic driving of nearly a dozen motorcyclists riding around him on a Boulder City highway.

He said, "You see the second three minutes of it, there's about three or four minutes of what they didn't show you of all the motorcycles being erratic and causing issues in traffic."

The biker who filmed the incident -- who also wants to remain anonymous -- said it all started with an issue with another rider and an SUV.

The pickup truck driver told KVVU, "One of them leaned against my truck on the front of it, and when he left he nudged the truck with his foot peg or motorcycle I don't know it moved the truck a little bit, and then he popped wheelies, taking off and about wrecked right in front of my vehicle, and that undoubtedly is where it began."

The pickup truck driver who says he has a concealed weapons license drives up to the next light where the biker filming knocks on his window. When the pickup driver rolls down the window, the biker is met with a gun barrel.

The truck driver said, "Undoubtedly, it startled me and I pulled my gun out and I was prepared for him, and it's just that simple."

Asked if his hand was on the trigger, the pickup driver said, "Yes it was, and it was there for a reason. If I had issues I was gonna use it. I have a concealed handgun license, I've been trained to use it and I will."

The men say they were each provoked by the other. However, the biker says he would do things differently. He said, "That's literally the first time I've gone up to somebody's window in traffic like that and it will be the last."

The pickup driver says he would pull his gun again.

The rider who shot the video says he turned the unedited footage over to police.

It's unclear at this time whether any action will be pursued by law enforcement.
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