Moment of reflection remembers Amtrak 188 victims

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Just a short distance away from one of the largest tragedies in this Philadelphia's recent history - a moment of reflection.

"Let us recognize that we still have many patients in the hospitals. We have families that are burying loved ones. Today is about respect for all of them," said Mayor Michael Nutter.

Mayor Nutter, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and other officials remembered the deadly Amtrak188 derailment in Port Richmond.

Approximately 200 people were injured and eight were killed.

"Since Tuesday, we have joined you in our nation in grieving the loss of life and the injuries suffered by our neighbors, our friends, our teachers, our business leaders - to folks just expecting to get to their destination," said Foxx.

"The ordinary people who live in this area, the ordinary people who responded within three minutes of that accident did some extraordinary things for all the people on that train," said Gov. Tom Wolf.

Just 30 minutes before this service began, Amtrak announced that they would fully restore service along the Northeast Corridor - namely between Philadelphia and New York City.

SEPTA also announced Sunday that they will resume service on their Trenton Regional Rail Line on Monday.

But Mayor Nutter said the city could not allow one train to pass over that stretch of rail without a moment to remember those who were killed and injured.

Meanwhile, Sunday's service of reflection comes in the midst of an ongoing investigation into what caused the train to take a curve at a speed twice the posted limit.

Just this weekend, Amtrak said it would comply with new federal mandates for an automatic speed restriction system on the northbound section of this busy rail.

"Amtrak is blessed to have its professionals, its people who put this railroad back together," said Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman.

As the mayor read the names of the victims and released doves, he made a promise from the city.

"These injured or dead shall not have died in vain and we will remember them forever," said Mayor Nutter.

The mayor says a memorial service the victims will happen at a later date.

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