Neighbors of sex assault suspect speak out

FEASTERVILLE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Action News spoke with neighbors of a Bucks County man facing sex assault charges after 12 girls were found in his Feasterville home on Thursday.

Among them is a woman who says she contacted authorities after seeing multiple young girls living in the home - all wearing blue dresses - all looking unhappy and fearful.

"I've been telling my husband for years something isn't right, something isn't right," said Jen Betz of Feasterville.

Betz says she filed complaints before, but never had proof that something criminal was happening inside the small house she passed each day.

The color of its shutters and van in the driveway match the feeling she saw on the faces of children who lived there.

"I saw a couple girls last week standing in the driveway. They just looked unhappy and sad and again in the blue dresses," said Betz.

"They would be in their dresses and I just thought it was odd cause the way they we're dressed," said Kristie Capinas, neighbor. "We're not like an Amish neighborhood."

Betz says neighbors complained to police six months ago when an infant was brought into the home. She says nothing happened. On Wednesday, the mother of two had enough and called the child abuse hotline.

"Thankfully the child line put the notes the way she needed to and it got to the right person," said Betz.

Stunned neighbors say police rescued the 12 girls Thursday. News of what Lee Kaplan allegedly did inside the home leaves them struggling to understand.

"Who would give up their own child for money? Like serious?" said Michael Meyers, neighbor.

As police investigate, neighbors say they're relieved that their years of questioning are over and those children are safe.

"I've been crying all morning. I just feel like finally, finally they'll get to where they need to be and this abuse, alleged abuse will stop," said Betz.
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