New, disturbing details revealed in children's deaths in tub; mother charged in case

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New details in drowning deaths of two children

New, disturbing details are being revealed in the deaths of two children killed in a bathtub in their Houston, Texas home. Their mother has admitted to drowning them and hiding their bodies underneath her neighbor's home, police say.

Investigators allege that 30-year-old Sheborah Thomas told them that on Friday after Kayiana, 5, and Araylon, 7, came home from daycare, she fed them. After eating, she drew water and called Kayiana in for a bath. Once the girl was in the tub, the mother says she grabbed the girl by the head and forced her underwater, holding her there until she stopped moving, investigators claim. After that, investigators say Sheborah Thomas placed the girl's body on the bed and asked her 7-year-old son into the bathroom and did the same thing to him. The boy, she allegedly told detectives, struggled, but then stopped moving. She placed him on the bed next to his sister, investigators say in court records.

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A mother is awaiting her first court appearance for accusations of killing her kids.

Authorities claim in court documents that Thomas told them later that night, she wrapped the kids bodies in bed sheets and placed them in a black trash can behind the house. The following morning, Thomas says she got on the bus and went to work to try to get her check, but her employer would not give her a check early so she went back home. Once there, she told detectives she attempted to bury the bodies between her house and her neighbor's house in the 3000 block of Tierwester. She told investigators she tried to use her use her hands and a piece of wood to dig a hole, but said the hole was not big enough and the bodies could still be seen.

Thomas said she rolled the children under the neighbor's house and returned to her home to pack because she planned to leave the house, according to court documents.

On Sunday, the case came to light when a man flagged down police. He told authorities Thomas asked him to help her move to the southwest side of town. He told police he noticed the kids weren't around and he asked her about them, and she said she had killed them. The man said he thought she was joking so he loaded his truck with her stuff, and once they drove away, he asked her again where the kids were, and she said, "on the side of the house," and he replied, "on the side of the house?" He claims she replied, "I told you that I killed them." He says he then drove her back to her house and she went into detail about how she killed the kids and where she put them. He says he drove her around trying to gain her trust, and then he then parked near a police station and flagged down an officer.

VIDEO: HPD reveals details of double homicide in Third Ward
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A Houston Police Department spokesperson reveals details about the tragic death of two children believed to have been killed by their mother.

Thomas has been charge with capital murder.

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