New Jersey family says they are being stalked at new home

A North Jersey family says they are being stalked at their new home.

They say ever since they bought their house in an upscale Union County neighborhood, they've been getting threatening letters.

Now the family is suing the home's previous owners because they didn't say anything about this strange activity before they moved out.

In the 2011 movie "Dream House", a couple's perfect home turns into a house of horrors with a dark history they were never warned about.

Now, in the upscale New Jersey neighborhood of Westfield, one family says a real life real estate nightmare is playing out.

The family says an anonymous stalker calling himself "The Watcher" is allegedly terrorizing them so much that haven't even moved into their million dollar dream home.

The new owners, so frightened they want their identity and address protected, say that just 3 days after they bought the 6 bedroom, $1.3 million dollar mansion last June, they started receiving threatening letters.

According to reports, the watcher allegedly wrote that the home has been "the subject of my family for decades..." and claims he was "put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming."

The watcher included an ominous question and promise, writing: "Why are you here? I will find out."

The family also says the watcher wrote: "I am pleased to know your names now and the name of the young blood you have brought to me."

"I'd be horrified. I wouldn't want a stalker," says local resident Kaeley Hay.

The family is now suing the previous owners claiming the seller allegedly received one of the letters a week before closing and should have told them about it, adding that this will now affect the value of the home.

"The previous owners don't really an obligation legally to tell prospective buyers or a new owner that effectively their house has been stalked," says ABC News legal expert, Dan Abrams.

Nobody knows who the watcher is, but this family says they aren't willing to find out.
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