NJ towns ask for state help over turkey troubles

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A pack of turkeys is wreaking havoc on a New Jersey community, and it?s to the point where residents are asking the state for help. (WPVI)

When you say Wild Turkey, some folks think about bourbon whiskey.

In Palmyra and parts of Cinnaminson, New Jersey, they think about the bird.

Specifically, a growing flock of wild turkeys that roam through back yards, stop to gobble up a snack and perhaps leave a calling card.

To many residents, the birds have become a nuisance most... fowl.

"There are about 20 to 30 of them. They're usually in the back yard and at dusk they fly up to the trees and sit there all night," said Tim Anderson of Cinnaminson.

Tim Anderson lives on Melrose Ave., along the Palmyra-Cinnaminson border, where the turkeys often roost overnight, leaving a mess on the back porch below.

He says the furniture was just cleaned last week.

"I think people are feeding them so they're getting less and less afraid of people. I'll go to take the trash out or the recycling and they'll come right up at you like they're expecting something," Tim said.

"They're large, they leave a mess wherever they go. They're a little bit aggressive. They just are not afraid of people," said John Gural, the Palmyra Business Administrator.

And as they travel around, the wild turkeys sometimes cause traffic problem, too.

"They won't move. They move so slowly so I beep my horn and they will move. And they're on the highway, too. They're on Route 130," said Anne Skuder of Palmyra.

The turkeys have been ruffling feathers in this neighborhood off and on for a couple of years now, and Palmyra has been asking state wildlife official for help.

Gural says Fish and Game reps have told him they plan to set a trap using a net suspended over a 60 square foot area.

"Bait the turkeys to that location, when they get a sufficient number they activate the trap-falls on them, like something out of a movie, and off they go.

Exactly when that will happen is unclear.

But residents fed up with the mess from these big birds are looking forward to the day when the only turkey they have to worry about is the one on their Thanksgiving table.
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