Officer catches kids from burning building

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- Four children were trapped inside the burning second-floor apartment in San Antonio, Texas Monday morning.

Officer Tim Bowen and his partner arrived before firefighters. While his partner checked out the front, Bowen circled around to the back.

"I heard some kids screaming," said San Antonio police officer Bowen.

That's when Bowen found four kids ranging in age from four to nine surrounded by thick black smoke on the second floor.

That's when the officer convinced three of the four small children who were trapped to jump into his arms.

Bowen caught the three one by one as they fell about 12 feet into his arms.

"The fourth one, a little boy, wouldn't come out he was scared," said Officer Bowen.

Firefighters arrived and rescued a fourth child who was too scared to jump from the second floor.

This video shows all four children emerging from the smoke, just moments after they were rescued.

None of the kids were hurt.