Philadelphia proves why it's best city for trick-or-treating

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For those of us who live here, we know Philadelphia is the best in a lot of things.

But did you know Philadelphia is the best city for trick-or-treating?

We didn't, but that's what the real estate marketplace Zillow says.

Zillow based its ranking on a number of factors, including how close homes are to each other, and the population younger than 10 years of age, just to name two.

But if you ask people who live here, it's really because Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods - many of which take Halloween very seriously.

For example, people who live near 21st and Delancy in Rittenhouse Square go all out for trick-or-treaters, who are quite appreciative.

"I love dressing up, and getting all the candy, and eating it," said Riley Ostroff, zombie cheerleader.

Many homes are decorated according to different themes, and lots of people set up shop outside their front doors to make it that much more fun for the kids.

"Delancy Street is fabulous. So many people come. We actually bought 1,500 pieces of candy because we thought that's how many people would be coming by," said Connie Devlin, witch.

But according to the list, the No. 1 neighborhood within the No. 1 city for trick-or-treating is in Cobbs Creek.

A great example why is the 2nd Annual Trunk-and-Treat event off of 62nd Street and Cedar Avenue.

Neighbors line the block with decorated vehicles, and then open the trunks that are loaded with goodies.

It's sponsored by the Church of Christian Compassion, led by Pastor W. Lonnie Herndon.

"Last year we did it for the first time, and we seen maybe about 1,500, but tonight maybe about 3,000 children are coming through this street," said Pastor Herndon.

Stealing the show at the event was 10-year-old Amir Epperson.

Amir, who has cerebral palsy, showed up dressed as a DJ.

Amir's dad says the outfit was actually "Plan B."

"We were supposed to be Run-D.M.C., but that didn't work out too well because we all didn't have sweatsuits, so it's all about him being a DJ," said Rob Epperson.

It all combined to prove once again, Philadelphia knows how to make this holiday special. null
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