Police: 8 homes struck by gunfire in West Philadelphia

WEST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Police say eight homes were struck by gunfire in West Philadelphia.

It happened just after 7:30 p.m. Friday at Westminster Avenue and Fallon Street.

Police say nearly two dozen shots were fired, some hitting gutters, awnings and windows.

Someone was likely targeted, police say, but there's no known victim.

Eight homes in all were hit, including Daniel Branham's, who was home watching football with his wife when the bullets went through his window.

"A bullet came through the window, and it shattered. Glass went over my head, me and my old lady hit the floor, laid there for about 2 minutes, and then eventually I checked around the house to make sure everybody was all right," said Branham.

No injuries were reported.

Police are not saying anything about a motive or a possible suspect.

But on this Thanksgiving weekend there are many folks counting their blessings.
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