Police: Man stole check from grandmother with cancer

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (WPVI) -- Police are looking for the man who they say stole a check from a cancer patient, then cashed it for himself.

That cancer patient, investigators say, is his girlfriend's grandmother.

Upper Darby police identify the man as 24-year-old Michael Allison. He was caught on surveillance video cashing the check at the TD Bank in Aston, Delaware County.

Police say he stole the check from the victim's home in Upper Darby. At the bank, police say he forged his name and withdrew $400.

"He's a dirtball. There's no other way to describe it," said police superintendent Michael Chitwood.

"They arrive there allegedly to do the young girl's laundry. During the course of grandma being gracious enough to let them in the house, they steal a check," Chitwood said.

Police want to talk to the grandmother, but her cancer battle is making it difficult.

"We've tried to interview her a couple times, our detectives, but she had to cancel because she's receiving treatments," Chitwood said.

Chitwood also tells us that the 68-year-old victim confronted her granddaughter about what Michael Allison allegedly did, and she confessed.

"When confronted by grandma, the granddaughter says they need money," said Chitwood.

So the grandmother called police, who were able to trace the check to that TD Bank.

"The tragedy is grandma is sickly, and she's trying to help out, and this bum steals the check. It's a sad commentary on society," said Chitwood. "He's a real dirt ball,"

If you have any information, you are asked to contact Upper Darby police.
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