Police: Suspect with chainsaw attacks man in Illinois parking lot

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. -- Police in Illinois say a suspect attacked a man with a chainsaw in the parking lot of an office park Monday afternoon.

The attacker and the victim knew each other, according to police.

Witnesses say the attack was as odd in the moment as it sounds afterward.

They said that just after lunchtime, they saw a man sitting in a blue car with a chainsaw. When another man in a silver car pulled into the parking lot, the man in the blue car rammed him and then jumped out. He reportedly began attacking the victim with the chainsaw.

Witnesses say the suspect was wearing only boxer shorts at the time of the attack.

The victim tried to get away by running into his place of business, witnesses said.

According to witnesses, the chainsaw jammed when the attacker went for the victim's leg. They say that's the reason why the victim wasn't more seriously injured.

Police say the victim sustained a critical, but not life-threatening injury and is expected to be OK.

The attacker was taken into custody.

Witness Brandon Biel was there when an officer arrived to the scene.

"Immediately pulled out his assault rifle, told the guy to get down. Saw the guy on the floor, and that's basically it," said Biel.

Police have not yet commented on what charges the man could face.