Pro- and anti-police demonstrators rally in Ardmore

ARDMORE, Pa. (WPVI) -- About 50 students from Haverford and Bryn Mawr colleges made their way Wednesday through a thicket of pro-police supporters in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. This as Lower Merion police worked to keep the two groups separated.

Organizers of the anti-police rally referred to Lower Merion police as 'the enemy,' the strong arm they say of white supremacy that president-elect Donald Trump has aligned himself with.

"Lower Merion is part a part of the FOP, which is the largest police union, and the FOP officially endorsed Trump, and if you endorse Trump that means you stand with him, and if you stand with him, then that means you stand against minorities and people who are marginalized," said Elliot Mutsehlecmer, Bryn Mawr College sophomore.

We asked organizer Julia Tannenbaum why they chose to protest in Lower Merion.

"Because they have a history of racial profiling, and are a member of the union that endorsed Trump. We are local students and concerned citizens, and we will not stay silent," said Tannenbaum.

Supporters of Lower Merion police were equally vocal.

"So they want to invade us and cause havoc, which makes absolutely no sense. Most people in our area voted for Hillary Clinton," said Eddy Boaz of Lower Merion.

"For me, these kids are misguided. They're coming out, and I respect their right to come out here, but I'm gonna tell you right now, that generation of kids, they're trouble. And it's good we had the older generations coming out here to get right back at 'em," said Bill Ruane of Lower Merion.
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